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"You’ll be sold on this spellbinding, speakers-filling album" - THE BIG TAKEOVER

"If it catches you at the right moment, "Vine" will haunt you in all the right ways.” - ABC NEWS ****

“Almost unbelievable that Vine is bedroom recorded: it’s big and intricately orchestrated. This kind of lushness is beyond the capabilities or even the ambitions of most callow, young, bedroom dreamers." - 4ZZZ

"Quite simply, Vine is 39 minutes of pure palpable transient intensity." - SpiceUK **** 

"An album undeniably retro in it’s aesthetic but yet refreshing in its approach – and ultimately all the better for it." - GIGSOUP ****

"Through the depths of VINE, you may find yourself transfixed on something new around every musical ebb and flow, enraptured by Gloeckner, the daydreamer and instrumental wizard." - SLUG MAGAZINE

"There’s a nostalgic vibe definitely in place and with very well-grounded production, it’s the complete opposite of the minimalistic beats brought upon like other artists such as Lorde – but that’s what makes this album a breath of fresh air." - CELEBMIX.COM ("A" rating)

"A majestic experience as much as intimate, that one feels rather than just listening." - INDIEMUSIC.FR

"I have to say, after the emotionally exhausting week that I’ve had, this album definitely slowed down my life for the hour I spent listening to it. It’s soothing and downright gorgeous, and I was able to lose myself in the album for a little while. That’s what the best music does: it allows you to have an escape from your otherwise dreary life. Vine took me to deep, fluffy clouds and gauzy pastel colors, and it was exactly what I needed." - indientry

"To say this album is a whirlwind of exploration would be an understatement.” - VULTURE HOUND

"Ultimately, Vine is a work of definite quality, and part of that allure comes from its originality." - DUTCH PROGRESSIVE ROCK (9/10 stars)

"Vine album is rated 5 out 5. Top tip: listen to it in the dark, wear headphones, push back and relax." - TIM SANDLE/DIGITAL JOURNAL

"The lush soundscapes she composes on VINE are so detailed and melodic that it’s hard to believe the entire album was recorded in her bedroom. The album touches on nearly as many genres as there are songs on it, but the overarching sound would best be labelled as dream pop." - SUMMER SPINS

“VINE is like a fluid, gracefully painted canvas of muted colors and subtle touches, and it will tease you to if you give it a chance." - THE PROG MIND

"I am constantly blown away by the music that I have yet to discover and Jen Gloeckner’s new album VINE is no exception.VINE is an album that I implore you to listen to, if not purchase, as it is truly worth the investment." - SUBJECTIVE SOUNDS

"VINE is a journey that will change you. Jen Gloeckner's voice is an instrument that carries the album from one experience to the next." - THE MIDNIGHT WRITER

"In the moment, Vine is utterly beautiful, seeding a series of images in the mind which evaporate as each song ends. As the album ends, I surface as if woken, feeling content but unable to remember anything but fragments. It’s lovely and addictive and I want to replay it. Like a dream." - THE FOUNTAIN (8/10 stars)

"A sparkling display of near ambient psychedelia..." - CLASH MAGAZINE

"Even though Gloeckner recorded VINE in her Dubuque, Iowa bedroom, there is nothing bare bones or lo-fi about it; her passion for her art is obvious and impressive." - VAGUE VISAGES

"But frankly, there isn’t a single miss on this album making it one of the more rewarding listens recently. Jen Gloeckner deserves all the attention she can get." - Ljubinko Zivkovic at Kurrent Music 

"It is music that encourages dream, and Jen Gloeckner takes you on a fascinating journey through beautiful and sometimes haunting landscapes." - De Krenten Uit De Pop

“VINE is a solid piece of effort that is brand new just released this year, so it is fairly new just as Jen is to the music scene. While she may have been around for some time, her music is barely just getting the kicks out of it, for all those out there to hear it. She has a mind set and the skills to follow through on it, ready to go. Her music is crafty, fun, and edgy at times, yet keeps the gloomy yet doom feeling steady and on top of the music being portrayed outward." SKOPE MAGAZINE

"High regard for this album." GLOBAL-MUSIC.DE

"Sophisticated pop as it must be: Almost weightless, dreamy, but with an intense sense of the dark, hidden behind the beautiful glow. Lynchesk and right, really good." MUSIKREVIEWS.DE (12/15 stars)

"VINE is an incredibly beautiful album" - NARROWS MEDIA

"Weird and wonderful" - THE IRISH TIMES

"This is perhaps one of the most amazing albums I’ve heard in years.  YEARS.  As a reviewer it is all I could ever hope for – something that is enjoyable from start to finish where there is not one thing bad I could say." - TWO GUYS - ONE REVIEW

"A smashing set of songs which climbs and soars with genuine appeal." - LIVERPOOL SOUND AND VISION

"I love to turn all of the lights off, light a few candles, put my headphones on and just escape with this new album. It will take you on quite a journey with its vast array of colors used from Gloeckner’s musical palette that she paints from." - I'M MUSIC MAGAZINE (interview)

City Code Magazine Greece (interview)

"That's what I like to call true artistry. I've sat and meditated on this record's voice and sonic atmosphere for some time now, and I feel more than comfortable in stating that it is truly evolutionary in nature.” - COREYREED.NET

"Vine is a daring record, intellectual and challenging in all the right ways." RAINBOW EXOTIC MUSIC

"Prayers by Jen Gloeckner is from her upcoming release VINE and is as much piece of art as a song. Gloeckner’s voice is just amazing – reminiscent of Marianne Faithfull and Nico." - ELECTRONIC NORTH

"Jen Gloeckner’s world is instantly fascinating, especially to those that enjoy the glitchy dystopia of Radiohead and Gorillaz." - RAWS MAGAZINE

"Quite a textured and ambitious third album from someone who has recorded with Joseph Arthur and the late, great Hector Zazou." - ELSEWHERE.CO.NZ

"Already the title-giving opener "Vine" catapults us into mystical worlds, not far from Enya, but with much more depth." - SOUNDS & BOOKS

"Having trouble getting that daydream started? Gloeckner solves your problem here with Vine, a collection of trippy and otherwise ethereal cuts guaranteed to help you slip off into the ether." - AntiMusic

"Bringing a unique mixture of chillout and driving synth electro, here’s a perfect track that will take you to unexpected places, letting you explore settings you never knew existed before. Sounds over the top and hard to believe? Welcome to the world of Jen Gloeckner." - KMS MUSIC BLOG

"Very impressive" - THE HIPPO ("A" rating)

"What is fascinating about Jen Gloeckner’s new album “Vine”, is that from minute one, track one, I could not stop listening and before I knew it, I had played the album all the way through on the first listen – proof enough for me that this album is worth your time." - GET TO THE FRONT (Review by: Alan Neilson)